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  • My Dal is 7 and he has been the best dog I have ever had. Although, he is not hyper like some can be. I think it all depends on the owner. However, he has been nothing but great and I could not have asked for a better dog!!

  • My Daisy Mae is going on 14. She is amazing, loving, loyal and was a bit hyper. Recently though, she seems to be having some muscle weakness and what I call “the shakes”. I really appreciated your information as I found your site as a result of searching on what these symptoms can be… I have some information to go on now.

    Thanks again, and I will be sure to stop by again!

  • Very happy to read that dalmations last longer than 12..mine likes guinness,told this auld scowling bag in a pub that liver spotted dogs are a result of inadaquate guinness..gives the sumatz to think about

    if you can’t walk em 6 miles a day ..use a bicycle and you’ll see the carrage dog.{.thats fire dog for our American cousins} is a behavioural phenotype

    ..you gotta luv em..not hard to do

  • I have a two year old Dalmation that is not quite as smart as I thought he would be, but thats okay I love him anyway. He is like a chihuahua on steroids. He also has been hard to train, and I had to have surgery on his bottom eyelids to turn them right side out. He chews himself to death. I take him to the vet every month for steroid shots for this problem. I am thankful that I have this dog, because if someone else would have purchased him before I did I guarantee you they would not have wanted to spend so much money on him. I sort of knew what I was getting into when I got him, because I have worked in pet stores for many years. I did not know how needy this little brat would be, but you know what he is worth all the headaches.

  • Dalmation are really nice and cute, but sometimes they are a bit too highstrong. One of my Dalmations was so highstrong that we had to give him away. Other than that they are really nice and easy going.

  • I have owned 3 dalmations in my life. I wouldn’t own any other breed. The one that I own now
    is 14 years old and very healthy. From what I have read, dalmations can be very hyper active.
    Spot is very docile. She is content to lay around and sleep most of the day away, although,
    she is always ready to go for a walk whenever I get her leash.

  • We adopted Lucky from the pound in Modesto CA.
    He had 1 day left to live, hence the name.
    He was trained when we got him , sit, stay, heel, play dead, turn around, all of these things he knew, and has a wonderful temperament, loves everyone and barks only when he feels its nessessary.
    Our vet said he was around 18 months old.
    A beautifully marked dog, with show qualities.
    However it seemed he was nuetered from a very early age, and I wonder to this day how he ended up at the pound.
    He loves oranges and bananas, in fact he can hear a banana being peeled two room away,
    He is now 10 yrs old and acts like a puppy. Weve had him for 9 yrs.
    We love this dog and he loves us.

  • I use to breed Dals and still have the Mom, Dad and the “BABY” which will be 7 in August. I have had several different breeds of dogs over the years and I MUST say that I would never have another breed except for “DALS”. They are the BEST dogs you can own. The “BABY” I am referring to is smarter than alot of kids I know. People often say that they are not good with children, it is ALL in how you raise them. All 3 of mine are great with children. “GO DALS”.

  • My deaf Dal, Casey, showed up in my yard 8 years ago. Unbelivable dog! She is loving, loyal, active, and my best friend. She goes everywhere with me I will allow. She is a comfort to my patients at work, and a constant stabilizer for me when when times get tough. I CANNOT BELIEVE that anyone would “put down” an animal like Casey just because she cannot hear. I hope she live to be 100, but since that is not possible, I will be looking for another deaf Dal to rescue ME in the future.

  • I have a beautiful, wonderful dal…Sirius. I hear lots of people complain that Dalmations are hyper. It is true that dals need plenty of exercise. They were bred to be very enduring and to run along side carriages for miles on end. So, you can’t expect a dal to hang out in a crate all day and not go stir crazy. But, with my dog, I learned that it was his diet that was making him hyper and anxious. Please, if you have a ‘hyper’ dal—go to a reputable dal breeder or get a good book on the breed and check out your dog’s diet. Dal’s do not do well on a lot of red meat. They do better with chicken and corn and a controlled amount of protein. Changing Sirius’s diet calmed him down and stopped the skin problems–in just days!

  • We have had our Dalmatiion ( Shiner ) for 12 1/2 years, we adore him, even though in his younger years he was quite hyper. He is loyal, loving and very protective. He does not like being alone. He loves attention and is very smart. We would not have any other breed of dog.

  • My Dal is almost 4yrs old, he is very well behaived now, but it took along time and alot of dedication. I have had him since he was born, he does not tolerate other dogs, however, he is great with my new infant. He is very protective of me and he never seperates with his leash he, sleeps with it all wrapped around him. I give him a leash and I put on skates and enjoy the ride, that is how he excersises

  • Hi,

    There is a dalmation who is 10 years old at the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, NJ She is in danger of being put down tomorrow because she has been there over 90 days. She is sweet and wants attention and came in with another dog that was adopted. Please, Please, Please if anyone can help and I can transport or help transport, let me know. I live in Northern NJ


  • 14 years ago we had a rescue Dami from the Dalmatian rescue Society of Great Britain, Timmy is his name and he is fantastic, he was a puppy till about 18 months ago when he seamed to start to suffer (with English weather) from rheumatism. Anyway, I found another 6 month old bitch Dami that could not be handled by the owner and bought her. They immediately became friends and 18 months on Katie is with pup !!!!!!! .
    We are really looking forward to the result and hoping all goes well.
    To train a Dami,,, use food, not all the time but they will come to you just to make sure. hehe.

  • I agree with Johnda I have had Dals all my life. Take them for the runs they deserve and I don’t mean just walks take them for a run in a field they train beautifully for off leash and they won’t be hyper in the house. Diet is very critical. I make my dog food and add it to some bought food (for Roughage) My Dals
    have lived to 17 -18years I’ve had 3 now. Our current boy-Colonel has a beautiful coat and shedding is not an issue as long as I maintain a well balanced diet that meets the Dals needs. Don’t accept shedding as part of the Dals genetics a shedding coat means deficiencies plain and simple. Get the diet right and you won’t have a probleml

  • I have owned 3 dalmations in my life. I wouldn’t own any other breed. The one that I own now
    is 14 years old and very healthy. From what I have read, dalmations can be very hyper active.
    Spot is very docile. She is content to lay around and sleep most of the day away, although,
    she is always ready to go for a walk whenever I get her leash.

  • Our Dal Kelly was hard to figure out when we first got her. She was very hyper until we got a Lab then all of that went away. I think the breed starves for attention and the other dog gave her that. Some people say Dals are stupid or dumb. Yet another lie. Kelly is smarter than Lab by far. I think her stubborness is often confused with dumb because if she doent want to do it she not. She very freindly to everyone and we have raised 2 children during kellys life. She is 10 now and we feel like we lose a member of our family when she dies.
    She also loves going to the fire station with me because of all the food and attention she gets.

  • I have a 13 year old Dal and his name is Lance. For the past year or so he has been going down hill and we have had him on steriods for his allerigies and his arthritis and the Vet can’t give him anymore. His back legs are so bad that they give out on him. He can no longer hike his leg to pee. He Yelps when he’s in pain. But I feel that he’ll be better when it warms up outside and he can go back outdoors and run. Not sure though. He has gotton deaf and has cateracts. But still eats and poops so i can’t put him down. Will I know when he has had enough?

  • how come when thier death they probally have blue eyes and why are they death in the first place are they born with it or is it acuired by a virus or some thing

  • I had a Dalmatian for several years before she unexpectedly just died. Needless to say. I’m extremely heartbroken since she bonded with me from day one. I can say without a doubt that what is written about their temperament is exactly true! She never went outside except for exercise, potty breaks, etc. She had her own “couch” which was a padded ottoman and she even had her own blanket when it got chilly in the wintertime. She was 11 years, 7 months, and 5 days old when she passed. I have had a LOT of dogs as pets, companions over the years and she was the absolute best. Not that I didn’t love the others a lot, but she was special. She never left my side and was a great watchdog. I’ve got this great big hole in my heart missing her and am wondering if I could have done something to keep her a little longer. Prior to her coming into our (wife and me) lives, we never had a Dalmatian before. If you get a chance, adopt one from a shelter or rescue group. Thanks for hearing me out–I guess I need to vent. 🙁

  • I have a female dalmation, Dotty, who is 14 years and still quite healthy and agile. She has always been a totally loyal and loving companion. I don’t recommend Dalmations to just anybody though. You have to be willing to give them the same love and attention they give you, no small feat to be sure. The shedding has always been a problem but I just told myself it’s something I will have to live with as long as I have her and I hope that is still for a long time to come. Good luck to new dalmation owners…they’re worth every minute.

  • I have an amazing 6 year old dam named Griffey. He has been my best friend over the years and we’ve both been so attached to eachother. 2 years back I moved in with my wife (now she’s my wife) and my dal has snapped quite a few times on her small dog. This has caused a lot of stress and now we have a new born on the way. We’re very nervous in haveing Griffey around a newborn/toddler and am being pressured to look at the option of giving him away. I’m am very stressed out all the time and every small incident that happens breaks my heart. Does anyone have an advice or ideas. Please help me.


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