Bulldog, English Bulldog

8 thoughts on “Bulldog, English Bulldog

  • i have a fifteen week old bulldog called winston and i already want another. they are a fantastic loyal intellegent dog, in fact they are more like humans than dogs.

  • You know it is funny, both the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Bulldog lay claim to bullbaiting. However, in looking at the bulldog I just can’t imagine such a mishappen creature could survive 2 seconds against a bull. They look slow and clumsy, they have trouble breathing through their nose, which ironically is not supposed to be the case, and seem to have zip in terms of dog aggression issues. I’m just not buying the “history of the bulldog” thing here. The bulldog might have been a descendant of the original bullbaiting dogs, but today they look nothing like what their progenitors did.

  • thats my bulldog lilly on the top of your page. she is wonderful, thanks for keeping the link back to my photos.

  • I am currently searching for a kanine companion and english bulldogs have always fascinated me. Any tips you would like to give to a future owner?

  • That’s a very cute looking dog you have. I have been thinking about getting a dog but I can’t decide on what breed of dog to get. I think the bulldog will make my shortlist.

  • Nice wrapup of the breed. I think it’s so interesting how far this breed has come from initially being used as a “fighter”. Even though the English Bulldog has some physical issues, I think there are still some that can be pretty agile and most are hard-headed..lol. But I love them!

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