South Korea – A Different Approach

I have loved my time working and traveling in South Korea. However, it is often the simple lifestyle differences that I find to be the most interesting. Different approached to life provide you with a different look at how life can be lived. In this case it was something that I stumbled upon by accident. Read more about South Korea – A Different Approach[…]

Tips On Saving Space In Your Secured Self Storage

Are you a hoarder of things accumulated over years of shopping and travel, in the hope that these stuff will come in handy one of these days? All of us have tendencies to keep things due to sentimental or practical reasons.  However, there comes a time when we finally have to depart from the things Read more about Tips On Saving Space In Your Secured Self Storage[…]

A Quick Low-Down on Palm Springs

Palm springs is a place in the state of California, which can be considered as a desert paradise. Yes, it might sound contradictory since, when has one ever thought of a hot, dry desert as heaven, right? Well for one, most people with high allergies to pollen and have asthmatic tendencies have packed up their Read more about A Quick Low-Down on Palm Springs[…]