O.J. Simpson Robbery Audio

Well, well well, it looks like O.J. Simpson is at again, this time O.J. allegedly attempted to recover stolen football memorabilia at gunpoint with some of his fellow thugs.  O.J. Simpson was arrested on two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, mark up two more for assault with a deadly weapon and put some Read more about O.J. Simpson Robbery Audio[…]

Apple Ships Directly from China?

I recently ordered an Apple iMac and finally got a FedEx tracking number today.  I logged on to check the shipment status and my jaw dropped when I saw the shipping origin.  Shanghai, China?!  WTF?!  With the bad rap China has been given over the last few months regarding exploding laptop and cell phone batteries, Read more about Apple Ships Directly from China?[…]

Tokyo Summerland Crowded Wave Pool Video

[youtube]inA-36YRV0Y[/youtube] Just ran across this video of a SUPER crowded wave pool at Tokyo Summerland in Japan and have to say…. WTF?!?!  This is just wrong!   I think if I lived in Tokyo, I’d just swim in my bathtub… that is assuming they have bathtubs.  Maybe, just maybe this video is fake… we can only Read more about Tokyo Summerland Crowded Wave Pool Video[…]

Million Dollar Wiki

I was reading through my favorite blogs this morning when I stumbled upon this article by John Chow on the Million Dollar Wiki, which is similar to Alex Tew‘s Million Dollar Homepage, except you get a full page for $100 instead of a tiny 10×10 pixel. When I read his article this morning, 158 pages Read more about Million Dollar Wiki[…]