How to Find Popular Web Sites

Ok, I’ve about had it with the Internet.  I feel like I’m beating a dead horse.  If anyone tries to tell you it’s easy to make money online, they are lying.  Especially if they are trying to sell you an eBook for $97.00.  By the way, think about it… how do they come up with Read more about How to Find Popular Web Sites[…]

How to Uninstall Carbonite on Mac OS X

Ok, I’m really annoyed.  I installed Carbonite the other day and now my trial is up.  But now I keep getting this error message saying that Carbonite can’t connect or whatever.  So, I’m ready to uninstall it.  If you’re in the same boat, here’s how to do it: I suppose if you have a paid Read more about How to Uninstall Carbonite on Mac OS X[…]

How to Combat Idiot Sploggers

For the last few months, one of my blogs has been the target of a splog attack, or whatever you want to call it when an idiot steals every blog post you make. Of course, his splog (combination of spam and blog) has no contact information and if you look it up in the whois, Read more about How to Combat Idiot Sploggers[…]

Tiger Woods Hole in One Shot at the British Open

[youtube]JGZtkEzC7fw”[/youtube] Check out this amazing hole in one shot by Tiger Woods. Woods secured control of the British Open with this eagle – using a 4 iron at the 14th hole, around 200 yards from the flag. UPDATE: ok, I made a mistake… I guess it isn’t a hole in one.� A reader sent this Read more about Tiger Woods Hole in One Shot at the British Open[…]

Arrival in Cancun

After a nice flight we were getting very close to finally starting our vacation in Puerto Aventuras. We had to fill out two forms – a customs form and immigration form. Filling these out on the plane before you arrive will speed things up for you. Mental note – bring a pen on your flight – they will not provide you with one.

When you arrive, have your passport/birth certificate, customs and immigration forms ready. Actually, I should make a special note here. Before you leave for your trip, I highly recommend that you get some kind of small file folder to store all of your important papers. Organization is the key to success. You don’t want to spend half your time fumbling around looking for your boarding passes and other important documents. Find something to keep all of this stuff in and use it for your entire trip.