Money Making Workout Program

Thinking of trying a super simple technique for raising moola.  Start with a small goal like $100.  Then set a goal to make an extra $100 in one week.  Keep doing this and increase the amount of money and eventually do it over a monthly time frame or something…. So it would sorta be like Read more about Money Making Workout Program[…]

Tokyo Summerland Crowded Wave Pool Video

[youtube]inA-36YRV0Y[/youtube] Just ran across this video of a SUPER crowded wave pool at Tokyo Summerland in Japan and have to say…. WTF?!?!  This is just wrong!   I think if I lived in Tokyo, I’d just swim in my bathtub… that is assuming they have bathtubs.  Maybe, just maybe this video is fake… we can only Read more about Tokyo Summerland Crowded Wave Pool Video[…]