Fridgedoor Refrigerator Magnets

Fridgedoor sells a wide variety of refrigerator magnets in many different themes, colors, shapes and sizes. They have 3D refrigerator magnets – alphabet blocks, computers, beer cans and even one that looks like a juke box. You can get the traditional magnets of any state in the United States as well as bigger cities and Read more about Fridgedoor Refrigerator Magnets[…]

Refrigerator Magnets from FunkyFridge

FunkyFridge sells cool and unique refrigerator magnets to make your fridge a little more interesting or to simply hold up something such as your grocery shopping list. They have animal magnets, cartoon magnets including The Simpsons, comic book themed magnets, funny refrigerator magnets and more. FunkyFridge also sells a large selection of magnetic poetry so Read more about Refrigerator Magnets from FunkyFridge[…]