Carnivorous Plant World

Carnivorous Plant World is another merchant that sells several different types of popular carnivorous plants including Venus Fly Traps, Sundews, Butterworts, Tropical Pitcher Plants, North American Pitcher Plants and other carnivorous plants. An interesting section of their web site even tells you how to build your own outdoor bog garden so you can enjoy your Read more about Carnivorous Plant World[…]

Tropical Saltwater Fish and Freshwater Fish from LiveAquaria

LiveAquaria sells tropical saltwater fish, fresh water fish, corals, invertebrates, live rocks, plants and many other items for your saltwater or freshwater aquarium. Believe it or not, they can deliver quality aquatic life – direct to your door. They have just about everything you can imagine – saltwater fish for begginers such as clown fish, Read more about Tropical Saltwater Fish and Freshwater Fish from LiveAquaria[…]

Steve Spangler Science Educational and Scientific Toys

Steve Spangler Science sells educational toys, experiments and gifts… all with a scientific interest. They have scientific products in many categories such as biology, rocks & minerals, plants, chemistry, weather, solar energy and more. They have petri dish kits where you can grow bacteria, bug houses, giant solar balloons, chemistry sets, model hot air balloons, Read more about Steve Spangler Science Educational and Scientific Toys[…]

Exotic Seeds from Whatcom Seed Company

Whatcom Seed Company sells exotic and hard to find seeds of plant species from around the world. Growing exotic plants is a very fun and educational hobby and the resulting plants make attractive additions to your home or business. Stop buying boring “common” plants locally and grow a palm tree or a Baobob tree from Read more about Exotic Seeds from Whatcom Seed Company[…]

Fly Trap Farm Carnivorous Plants

The Fly Trap Farm specializes in carnivorous plants such as Venus Fly Traps, Sundews, Pitcher Plants and Butterworts as well as selling terrariums for those into carnivorous plants or considering getting into the hobby. They even have t-shirts for those of you with a true passion for carnivorous plants. They sell wholesale and you can Read more about Fly Trap Farm Carnivorous Plants[…]