Mac OS X Leopard Review

[youtube]QmYrxo0IARA[/youtube] Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal gives you this in depth video review of Apple’s new version of their OS X operating system – OS X Leopard which is due out tomorrow, October 26th.  OS X Leopard will ship on new Apple computers purchased, or existing Mac users can buy the upgrade for Read more about Mac OS X Leopard Review[…]

How to Install GIMP on Mac OS X

One thing that has been missing on my new iMac is a good image editor like Photoshop.  I’m a little strapped for cash right now, so I did some searching for free image editors for the Mac and currently it seems that GIMP is the closest thing to Photoshop for free.  So, if you don’t Read more about How to Install GIMP on Mac OS X[…]

My 20 Inch iMac Review and First Impressions

Well, after many years of using a PC, I’m finally making the transition back to Apple with a brand new, shiny, brushed steel looking 20″ iMac. I must say that I am VERY GLAD I BOUGHT THIS IMAC! It is so clean, sexy looking and much more enjoyable to use than my clunky old Dell. Read more about My 20 Inch iMac Review and First Impressions[…]

Apple Ships Directly from China?

I recently ordered an Apple iMac and finally got a FedEx tracking number today.  I logged on to check the shipment status and my jaw dropped when I saw the shipping origin.  Shanghai, China?!  WTF?!  With the bad rap China has been given over the last few months regarding exploding laptop and cell phone batteries, Read more about Apple Ships Directly from China?[…]