AXIS 2400 Video Server

Here you can find live AXIS 2400 Video Server web cams, many of which you can remotely control from your computer.  Pan, tilt and zoom in and out to your heart’s content.  Here are a few that I’ve found: University of Michigan – Two cams to choose from in an engineering environment of some kind.  Read more about AXIS 2400 Video Server[…]

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Cam in Japan

This cam comes to you from Hiroshima, Japan and gives you a view of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, also known as the Atomic Bomb Dome or A-Bomb Dome and surrounding area of Hiroshima.  On August 6th, 1945 a nuclear bomb was detonated above the building and withstood the explosion.  The building is now a reminder Read more about Hiroshima Peace Memorial Cam in Japan[…]

Tokyo Summerland Crowded Wave Pool Video

[youtube]inA-36YRV0Y[/youtube] Just ran across this video of a SUPER crowded wave pool at Tokyo Summerland in Japan and have to say…. WTF?!?!  This is just wrong!   I think if I lived in Tokyo, I’d just swim in my bathtub… that is assuming they have bathtubs.  Maybe, just maybe this video is fake… we can only Read more about Tokyo Summerland Crowded Wave Pool Video[…]