For some hotels, localism a matter of simple economics

Mike Suomi is willing to match his tree-hugging credentials against anyone’s, but even he would admit that his environmentally friendlier approach to renovating the Hyatt Regency Minneapoliswas borne out of economics and timing.Looking to capitalize on the travel-spending rebound as quickly as possible, the hotel’s co-owners, Hyatt and Barry Sternlicht’s Starwood Capital Group, gave Suomi Read more about For some hotels, localism a matter of simple economics[…]

Apple Ships Directly from China?

I recently ordered an Apple iMac and finally got a FedEx tracking number today.  I logged on to check the shipment status and my jaw dropped when I saw the shipping origin.  Shanghai, China?!  WTF?!  With the bad rap China has been given over the last few months regarding exploding laptop and cell phone batteries, Read more about Apple Ships Directly from China?[…]