Celebrity Cardboard Standups at Ziggos

If you’re looking for a cardboard standup of your favorite celebrity, Ziggos standups will have everything you are looking for and probably more! They have life size cardboard standups of famous movie stars, political leaders, sports player in baseball, football, NASCAR and more. These standups are perfect for a kids bedroom, college dorm room, your Read more about Celebrity Cardboard Standups at Ziggos[…]

eLifesize Life Size Celebrity Cardboard Standups

Have you ever wanted Marylin Monroe or Elvis Presley in your home or office? Or perhaps you would prefer to have Darth Vader, the rock band KISS or one of your favorite presidents over for dinner? Bring your favorite celebrity or public figure to life with eLifesize cardboard standups. You’ve probably seen these at some Read more about eLifesize Life Size Celebrity Cardboard Standups[…]