Google Search Redefined?

Google must be thinking it’s caught up in a timewarp where it’s doomed to go back into the past to fight different versions of the same battle.     The battle started when the now disgraced Rupert Murdoch vowed to block Google from indexing News Corps sites and make the Mountain View pay for its Read more about Google Search Redefined?[…]

Mardi Gras – Carnival Festival Cams in Brazil

With Fat Tuesday right around the corner, there is still a little bit of time left to watch all of the people celebrating Mardi Gras – Carnival. These cams come to you from Brazil and feature two live views of people partying and having a good time during the Carnival festivals in Brazil. These cams Read more about Mardi Gras – Carnival Festival Cams in Brazil[…]

Sugarloaf Mountain Cam in Rio de Janiero, Brazil

This cam comes to you from Rio de Janiero, Brazil and features a breathtaking live view of Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio.  Sugarloaf Mountain is 1,299 feet high and its name comes from its resemblance to concentrated refined loaf sugar.  You can also occasionally watch hummingbirds feeding at a bird feeder on this cam as well.  Read more about Sugarloaf Mountain Cam in Rio de Janiero, Brazil[…]

Pororoca Surfing in the Amazon

[youtube]7a_2g6uTDb0[/youtube] Twice a year, between the months of February and March, the Atlantic Ocean waters roll up the Amazon river, in Brazil, generating the longest wave on the Earth. The phenomenon, known as the Pororoca, is caused by the tides of the Atlantic Ocean wich meet the mouth of the river. This tidal bore generates Read more about Pororoca Surfing in the Amazon[…]

Red Bull F-1 Racing on Public Roads in Brazil

[youtube]YhF_Zp8nM7o”[/youtube] Red Bull Racing races a Formula One F-1 demo run on public roads in Brazil.  This is too cool, but I bet they wish it wasn’t raining! adminAndy is a multi-faceted personality with diverse life interests. He sees life as a journey to be fulfilled in best possible, enjoyable way. He has tried his Read more about Red Bull F-1 Racing on Public Roads in Brazil[…]