Weather Balloons from Scientific Sales

Scientific Sales specializes in selling weather balloons, meteorological balloons, pilot balloons, sounding balloons as well as a large range of other meteorology equipment. Their weather balloons are sold by weight ranges from 10 grams all the way up to 3000 grams. The heavier the weight, the bigger their inflated diameter. For instance, their 8247 weather Read more about Weather Balloons from Scientific Sales[…]

Wicked Lasers – Red, Blue and Green Laser Pointers

Wicked Lasers has some of the coolest lasers you will find anywhere in the world. They have green laser pointers and other lasers with red, blue and even violet laser beams. They are most famous for selling lasers that can light a match or pop a balloon – and if you are skeptical, they have Read more about Wicked Lasers – Red, Blue and Green Laser Pointers[…]

Man Gets Trapped Inside a Giant Balloon

[youtube]gSKzCnWd5tQ[/youtube] This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time and I thought I’d post it here to watch from time to time and also to test and make sure the MyVideo WordPress plugin is working correctly.  Once you’re done watching this video, you might wanna read the comments of this Read more about Man Gets Trapped Inside a Giant Balloon[…]

2006 Reno Balloon Race

[youtube]zyyCcjbrWOM”[/youtube] Amazing time lapse photography of the 2006 Reno Balloon Race.  Notice the bald eagle balloon floating to the sky?  Kind of comical if you ask me!  106 balloons were involved in this year’s race.  This video was made by Granite Bay Software.  Oh yes, see if you can find where the cow jumps over Read more about 2006 Reno Balloon Race[…]