eLifesize Life Size Celebrity Cardboard Standups

Have you ever wanted Marylin Monroe or Elvis Presley in your home or office? Or perhaps you would prefer to have Darth Vader, the rock band KISS or one of your favorite presidents over for dinner? Bring your favorite celebrity or public figure to life with eLifesize cardboard standups. You’ve probably seen these at some Read more about eLifesize Life Size Celebrity Cardboard Standups[…]

Into the Wind Kites and Flying Toys

Into the Wind is located in Boulder, Colorado and specializes in selling traditional and stunt kites. They possibly have the largest selection of kites in the world for beginners to advanced kite flyers. They carry delta kites, parafoil kites (some capable of lifting cameras for aerial photography), power kites (that might even lift you!), trick Read more about Into the Wind Kites and Flying Toys[…]

Chicken Cam at Flying Skunk Farm

Flying Skunk farm has a live chicken cam for you located in Massachusetts. This is a really good bird watching cam and has streaming video with sound! Watch and listen to the chickens and other farm animals nearby. I give it two thumbs up. 😀 This video feed requires Windows Media Player 9 or above Read more about Chicken Cam at Flying Skunk Farm[…]

Coles Pond Bird Feeder Cam

The Coles Pond Bird Feeder Cam is located in Walden, Vermont and features an above ground bird feeder and at least one ground feeder.  Sometimes the cam may move around to different feeders.  For the most part you should see birds here, but other animals spotted on this cam include bears, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels and Read more about Coles Pond Bird Feeder Cam[…]

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier Appearance: The Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog that has a height range of 10 to 15 inches. Their coat is weatherproof and either smooth, broken or rough and is mostly white with black, brown or tan markings usually on the tail or head. They have a black nose and dark Read more about Jack Russell Terrier[…]