Being More Realistic with My Blog Goals

3 thoughts on “Being More Realistic with My Blog Goals

  • Keep shooting for the sun! If you land on the moon instead, you’ll be much further away from your starting point already. You’ll always have a chance to tweak those rocket boosters anyway. =)

  • 1Offs took the words from my mouth. Read voraciously and apply everything you learn as quickly as possible. Be nice to others and help them out, and you’ll find your own back getting scratched in due time. Give your visitors a great time by sharing tips they can’t find elsewhere and by making them feel welcome. Those are some tips that hopefully will help you reach that awesome goal you’ve set.

  • I have never made much money through my blogs. My most profitable sites have always been static sites where I create unique and useful content. Of course, I still am trying to create one blog that hits the mark and makes a few bucks a day. Good luck with yours.

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